Thursday, February 1, 2007

Embryos Abound

They pulled two dozen eggs from my swollen ovaries.

They injected 17 of them with (hopefully perfectly shaped and genetically sound) sperm.

15 fertilized.

I'm thinking of finding a bunch of surrogates and settling into a life of homeschooling and TLC reality tv specials. Look out Arndt family, here we come. I don't think we could beat you in a softball game, but I'd bet an all-you-can-eat dinner for the whole family we'd kick your asses in a martial arts tournament.

I joke about this, but really, 15 embryos is no guarantee. Not even close. The truth is, I am overwhelmed with the fear that not even 2 of these will continue to grow normally. And even then, there is the huge hurdle of implantation... And then, the threat of miscarriage...

I'm taking a deep breath. I'm telling myself to take it one day at a time. I am thinking positively. I am going to go do something else. See how I good I am at employing coping skills?

So, who is going to say "yes" on Grey's Anatomy tonight?


Anonymous said...

I say Callie says "yes", and Christine walks around mumbling for the whole show. ;)


Bumble said...

Susan, thats a great result! I know its not a guarantee, but its alot of embies, a whole rugby team. One day at a time is the right way to go. What day will your transfer be?

Good Luck Susan!!!!! I'll be "holding thumbs" for you.
Can't wait for an update!

Bumble said...

Oh, Grey's hasn't started up again yet in Aus, so I better not be tempted to go a googling... Can't wait though! (We're still left in amazement at why on earth Meredith rogered MacDreamy again when she had a lovely vet waiting outside for her!) Aaargh...

Tinker said...

Were the other 20 follicles too small? Was the RE in a hurry to get out for lunch? Hehehe. Just kidding... mostly.

Will you be doing a day-3 transfer? Or going to blast?

Melissa said...

Way to go! Hurrah for your ovaries! Now we'll all pray for those little buggers to grow into big beautiful healthy embryos!