Monday, January 29, 2007

My Egg Basket is Full

Well, it's official.

I am at risk of developing OHSS.

I have about 25 follicles in my right ovary. My left ovary is slightly less motivated, offering up a measly 14.

That's a lot of freaking follicles.

Sitting down hurts. Walking hurts. Pretty much everything I do hurts.

And, the best part? My RE says that only a few of these will contain eggs that are any good.

Trigger shot tonight. Egg retrieval (dear god, please get them out of me!) Wednesday.

In the meantime, I am using my condition to my advantage by telling my husband things like this:
"Whoever has the most follicles gets the remote."
"The doctor said doing dishes will raise my estradial levels."
"How about if one of us takes out the trash, and the other does an injection of 5,000 units of HcG... Which one do you want?"


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Given how you're feeling, I sure hope you don't explode before retrieval (I'm sure it feels that way). But good for you to play the cards with your husband. If mine had to choose between giving himself the trigger shot or taking out the trash forevermore, I'd be really happy to never have to run out into the freezing morning in my PJs ever again.

Kit Fur Cat said...

Good luck with retrieval. Thanks for the giggles on the manipulations.

Gil said...

Oh those comments to your husband made me laugh! I hope they didn't make you laugh though; you'd burst with so many follies developing! Hang in there. Wednesday is almost here!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your comments to your sweetie! You go girl! I'm thinking about you lots & lots. Robyn

Anonymous said...

Best of luck Susan. I am rooting for you. Hang in there.


Watson said...

Wow, thatsa lotta eggs girlie :-)

But I guess it's better than not having any, right?

(I know, Polly Annas are sooo freaking annoying. My bad.)

I think it's awesome that you're milking it for all you can with your husband...get him used to doing everything around the house (and giving you control over the remote) so when you get pregnant he's used to the new system.

Good luck with the trigger and REALLY GOOD LUCK with the retrieval. I hope all those follicles produce some good lookin' eggs!

RevaLou said...

Good luck and I will be thinking about you, as well as praying for you Wednesday.

Carol said...

wow, you must be feeling full. Why does the doc think that only a few will have good eggs?

Bumble said...

Good luck for today - its Wednesday already here in Aus. Hope you get alot of nice eggs!!

Do you mind if I link you on my own blog too? Its nearly as new as yours! (but probably not as funny!)

Susan said...

Thanks, everyone, for your well wishing. Carol, I'm not sure why he thinks there will only be a few good ones. I guess because most of the follicles are small, and therefore won't contain mature eggs.
Link away, bumble, link away. I'll come visit your blog, too.

Melissa said...

Hope you get to feeling well soon - and that your dr pulls out a kajillion great eggs out of those numerous follicles! My friend developed OHSS during her IVF cycle this summer. Her dr told her to eat salty foods & drink lots of Gatorade because it helped to pull the fluid out that was collecting in her abdomen. Just a thought... :)

Anonymous said...

... thinking about you today and hoping that your retrieval went well.

Sara said...

What a fantastic tactic with your husband. I keep trying the "if we ever have any bio kids, I'll dispose of their wastes and handle their other hygeinic needs for the first 9 months, and then you take the next 9, OK?" sales pitch. He doesn't seem to be going for it. Go figure.