Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow, Stims, and Snoop

A note about the Snoop Dogg post, for anyone who may be confused (aka Mom):

No, that rapper fellow did not write a song about IVF. Thankfully. Here's how it works... you know, of course, that when you use the Google search engine, and type in a keyword, you will get a list of all websites about/ containing that keyword. If you use Gizoogle, and type in that same keyword, you will get the same list, but the websites will be translated into Snoop Dogg language. Doggy-style, if you will. You can use any keywords. I suggest president bush speech, or perhaps bible verse. And if you don't mind a joke of the once-funny-but-now-over-used-and-quite-annoying variety (think "Don't go there!", "Oh no you didn't!", and "Been there, done that."), well, then you just might enjoy this.

Now you gots the 411 Moms. Word to my mother.

In other news, today is the first snow day of the school year, and the first stimulation day of this IVF cycle.

I'm going to make celebratory pancakes.

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theoneliner said...

welcome to the blogging world. i have found it to be an amazing venting outlet.
thanks for the link and double thanks for the link to i'm still laughting.