Saturday, February 10, 2007

Counting Down and Cracking Up

6 days until beta.
Things I've been trying NOT to do during the painfully long wait:
  • Pee on a stick waaaay before the trigger HCG could possibly be out of my system, just so I can see what one of those damn things looks like with TWO lines.
  • Google "early pregnancy signs" for the 800th time.
  • Grab my breasts every ten minutes to check for soreness. Especially in public. (They ARE sore, but it's that effing progesterone I'm sure).
  • Force my husband to seek refuge from my mood swings by moving in with his mother.
  • Google "baby names" and cry.
  • Eat everything in the house in one sitting.

So far I have been moderately successful.

But I can only hold out for so long. Just today I have consumed an entire box of crackers, eight Dove dark chocolates, half a pot of chili, and a left over spinach quesadilla (not in that order). And my husband has been incredibly busy (and conspicuously absent) for a Saturday. In fact, at this very moment he is AT HIS MOTHER'S. My breasts are well- fondled. (But not by my husband, much to his dismay... they are so sore I go running if he so much as leans in for a hug.) And, truthfully, the only reason I haven't run out to buy a HPT is because I haven't showered or brushed my teeth today.

I'm cracking under the pressure. Help. Tell me how you make it through times when you have to play "the waiting game" (infertility related or otherwise).

I thank you for your time and attention to this urgent matter.


Sara said...

For me, keeping ridiculously busy is a must. My last cycle was over the holidays, and during the down time, I managed to a) completely empty my refrigerator, b) bring my husband to tears several times, and c) make my computer overheat through all of the frantic googling. Don't be like me. Please!

Tinker said...

Sheesh! At least you're getting a beta in six days. All I get is a pee-in-a-cup test 15 days past transfer.

What might I do? HPT. How would I approach it? HPT every day from the earliest possible reasonable positive which would be about 9or10dp2dt. If you get a negative, you almost have to keep HPTing until beta to make sure you didn't just get a slow start.

It happened to me on my last cycle. I tested at the equivalent of 11 and 12dpo and got negatives. I wrote the cycle off. I was pregnant, even if it only lasted a few months.

The Town Criers said...

I create a project. Tonight's project was the urgent, urgent, urgent cleaning of the upstairs rooms in the house (which included even cleaning out all drains and dusting the shampoo bottles). I have other tasks lined up too: the filing that must get done, the organization of photographs, etc. It's busy in a way that takes you away from the computer, away from your breasts...

The other thing I do is go to the used book room at the library (our largest branch in the next town over has a huge used book store in the lower level). Sometimes I just take hours shopping since every book is $.50 I don't feel guilty. This last trip, I bought three old VHS tape movies and I watched one tonight. Just movies that I once enjoyed in the theater and would watch again for $.50.

Those are my two things.

And baking. Tons of baking projects.

Anonymous said...

I know that you have an iPod, add more songs to that from your CD collection. Believe me, that takes time. You can always call me and I will bore you with my life. That could take an hour or so. When all else fails, clean and organize. Works for me sometimes.
Seriously, I wish I could help you pass the time.

Tinker said...

Okay, I changed my mind, but you'll have to go to my blog to read why.

I agree with everyone on the projects. In my last 2ww I built a deck on the back of my house. I know, I know! The exertion is a no-no, but I tried to take it easy and was very happy with the result (of the deck, not the cycle, though that was the last one on which I was pregnant). I'd likely be doing the fancy wrap-around stairs and planters this time around except that we've got too much snow now.

Lut C. said...

My mom suggested cleaning as a good way to pass the time. I hate cleaning, so I'm counting that as an exertion. Ditto for ironing. :-)

Nicole said...

I hunker down with hubby and watch MASH until my eyes bleed. Sounds like fun doesn't it? I peed on a stick yesterday only to get a big fat negative. Fuck.

Aurelia said...

Distraction, projects, work, but for God's sake leave the house, and it has to be a mentally engrossing thing, NOT mindless. Videos you love are good, reading a good book or hanging with a very distracting friend. Video games...excellent.

Bumble said...

Hey Susan, wow, this feels like its been a long 2ww for you! Only 6 more days to go. I don't have much assvise, just to try keep busy. Oh, and definately make sure you don't have any pee sticks lying around, because if you do, you'll DEFINATELY use them. (or at least I would...) Maybe start reading Great Expectations or something else huge and say it definately has to be finished by the time the beta rolls around.

Hopeful Mother said...

Projects are good - I started selling our crap on eBay...!

Meg said...

Susan, thanks for posting on my blog. I too have 6 more days before beta. I have no idea how to pass the time. As you know I dont have a good feeling that cycle so it makes it easier since I know the outcome. Good luck!!

Princess Barren said...

The pharmaceutical companies should make some kind of drug (PG safe, of course) to zonk you out completely for two weeks. Not enough to make you sleep the whole time, but enough to let you go on with your life without having the worry or thoughts that can drive you insane. Kind of like being on autopilot :)

The Town Criers said...

You are so funny--though we're going to have to take away your car keys are the bar. You know--the drunkenness and all...

Are you going to test? Wait another day or two for the beta?